In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to be a bit more regular with blog posts. One way I aim to achieve that is to follow a posting schedule by category. Since I’m sure that everyone loves Mondays as much as I do, perhaps an inspirational post on Monday morning would be of interest? Let me know what you think! The comments are enabled for the website and you don’t need to log in to post your thoughts. Without further ado:

I might just have a problem when it comes to moss. I just can help but stop and take a closer look whenever I come across a patch of moss in the wild and the moss in Hawaii was no exception. Chancing across this motley group of lichens and moss was particularly exciting.

I think that one of the key components of a successful vivarium hardscape / planting composition is restraint. It can be a very tempting to squeeze as many elements into a composition as you have access to, these elements being textures, colors, and shapes in the form of hardscape forms and materials as well as plant species. However, the overall aesthetic then tends toward being overly chaotic with too many elements competing for your attention. It’s also rare to see that kind of crowding in nature: typically, you’ll see a lot of clusters of uniformity and repeating patterns – a more limited palette.

With that said – this particular find seems almost in opposition to that generalization!

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