We are excited to finally reveal one of our secret projects that had been under development for some time. As the title suggests, we have been hard at work designing a custom line of vivariums unlike anything seen on the market.

What makes them so special?

Swinging & Removable Doors

While swinging doors aren’t a new concept, few (if any) swinging door designs allow you remove the doors. We felt that this limitation made working with existing swinging door vivariums somewhat of a nuisance, particularly when first creating a 3D background. Additionally, a monolithic door eliminates the visible overlap that is ubiquitous among sliding door designs.

Metal & Minimalist Trim

Many existing vivarium designs share a common aspect – black plastic trim. We sought to eliminate as much of the trim as possible to make sure that the focus stays on what’s most important. What hardware remained is fashioned from aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure corrosion resistance and long-lasting, functional beauty.

Custom Ventilation

In an effort to maintain maximal visibility through the front glass, our design features a custom ventilation scheme that directs air from the front of the vivarium, above and below the door, and directs it across the inner face of the door.

Clean Seams

We aimed to further reduce distractions in our design by making sure that the seams are as clean and minimally visible as possible.

So, what’s next?

To date, two prototypes of our first design iteration have been made, with one of them being donated to the MICROCOSM event. While these prototypes were functional and captured the majority of our aesthetic goals, we feel that there is still room for improvement. We’ll be taking the design back to the drawing board for the next iteration(s) but expect to be able to unveil the final designs very soon!