Big Changes

You may have noticed that our offerings (and inventory) have been (inconveniently) static for the past few months. We’d like to take the time to apologize for this brief lapse. We have opted to discontinue carrying Dusk Tropic products and have parted ways with our old vendor.

What does this mean for our customers?

While we will no longer be able to offer Dusk Tropic products like Hygrolon and Moss Mix, we will do everything we can to make sure that we can continue to offer modernized products and fresh ideas to fill that vacuum. One such product is our new offering, Spyra, which we will describe in better detail later.

So, what’s happening now?

We are (and have been) running full steam on bringing several concepts to maturation. Our line of vivaria has gone through several revisions that haven’t been publicly unveiled and should be very close to a final physical iteration. Our air circulation concept prototypes have been distributed to volunteers and feedback has been elicited – we hope to be able to get this one underway very soon as well. A concept for frog (and small reptile) hobbyists is nearly ready for public unveiling. Substrates, electronics, accessories … we have many other concepts still in the development pipeline not yet ready for disclosure, but still quite exciting to us.

What’s Spyra?

Spyra is a synthetic media for growing plants, our take on a polymer fabric for this purpose both inside and outside of terraria. The fabric is black to better mimic the color of wet treefern and peat / coco fiber and to better disappear in the background while plants are still establishing. The weave pattern on one side is more open and efficient for wicking, while the reverse has a tighter pattern that should make it easier to adhere to a support. The region between them consists of vertical fibers for moisture retention and airflow.

Is Spyra available?

Spyra is available for pre-order at a discounted price until its release date, which is estimated to be November 21, 2014.