Folius retail operations will be entering brumation, so to speak, beginning next week, to clear the shelves and enable a fresh start for my upcoming move. A 40% off coupon has been enabled until then – be sure to take advantage of it at There are just a few things left, so move quick!
I’m sure that many of you will have questions, so I’d like to provide some preemptive answers:

“Are you closing?”

Folius is not closing down. The “brumation” only applies to retail operations. With that said, I do have another portal via which I will offer products that leverage 3D printing processes – orders placed there will be shipped directly from the fabricators to you. One such products that will be found here is the Dendrobates geometricus bottle opener that was offered briefly some time back.
During this down time, I will be recharging and refocusing on designing other products and bringing some older concepts to market (such as the circulation fan holders). I will be keeping up with social media, particularly Instagram (, with any new developments and prototype testing that I can share.

“What about Opus / tanks?”

The books for Opus terraria are closed, indefinitely. I very much appreciate all of the interest, and am especially grateful to those special few who gave their support more directly.

“Why no more tanks? Why the hiatus?”

I am moving to another state as I progress to a new chapter in my personal life. This move is filled with a lot of uncertainty with regards to my ability to support a retail operation in general. My hope was that I would be able to make it transparent, particularly with regards to Opus production, but this hope was predicated on having more booked orders. From the very conception, the Opus line wasn’t meant to be a high volume product, but one oriented to those who were interested in something different, something grander, a canvas that could stand on its own.

“Why was Opus / shipping so expensive?”

Special attention was paid to every aspect of the Opus design. A very particular silicone formula, flat polished glass processed to exacting tolerances by glaziers accustomed to architectural work and high end furniture, metal components machined by my hands and by the skilled staff and heavy equipment at a trusted machine shop, custom tools / tooling that I designed and redesigned, and all components and work produced or executed in the US, if not within Gainesville specifically. I was not interested in the lowest bidders for a job, but the ones who could produce to my needs.
Shipping for the tanks wasn’t something I had control over, and it was always charged at a loss. Those in the industry know that shipping a glass box is always anxiety inducing and frightfully expensive – an unfavorable weight to volume ratio, high fragility, difficulty in receiving claims … The only real leverage for negotiating rates is volume, an unavoidable chicken and egg problem for me as a small startup without VC backing.

“What’s next?”

I will be getting back to the (digital) drawing board, and finally completing projects that had been open for a long time and working through my backlog. I’m excited to finally take my concepts off the ice!

Thank you for your support!

I’d like to again let all those gave Folius your support over the years know that you have my deepest gratitude. I urge you to keep an eye on Folius in the coming days as well – I promise you’ll see some interesting things! Feel free to contact me directly should you have any further questions.